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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dock and Roll Diner

I went to Dock and Roll with a friend recently for lunch. We were driving around Soco looking for something new and out of the ordinary and weren't having much luck. I turned down a random street, happened to drive by Dock and Roll and remembered that I had just seen a post by Trailer Food Diaries on their new spot on South 1st. We parked near the guys drinking 40s and playing harmonicas (wise choice I know) and decided to check the place out. 

The trailer's cuisine is described as new and traditional American, fused with seafood, southern and tex-mex. So it's definitely something out of the ordinary, and very uniquely-Austin.
The specialty or "Maine Event" is their lobster rolls, but I wasn't in the mood for seafood. The "South Westlake" sounded awesome: chicken breast, grilled corn, Rajas (a traditional Mexican blend of sautéed onions and poblano peppers), cotija cheese (one of my faves) and their signature Greenbelt Sauce (a Tomatillo-Avocado blend) all served up a on a sub roll. Sounds amazing right? Well, they were out of chicken. That put a smaller damper in my plans, so I opted for the "Infidel Castro" ($7).  

The Infidel Castro with jalapeños and Southwest Slaw
The Infidel is "cuban rubbed and smoked pork sirloin with Dock and Roll mayo, Prosciutto di Parma, Gold Label Swiss cheese, and pickles." I added the "ree jalapeños of course. I also tried the "Southwest Slaw" ($1.75), but they were out of their signature elote, which I was told was the real tasty twist to the slaw.

The Blue Bahn-ett
My friend tried the Blue Bahn-ett ($6) --caramelized smoked pork sirloin sliced thin (to mimic pork belly I suppose), slaw and pickles--and was really happy with her choice.

Lee, the chef and one of three co-founders, felt bad about being out of stock on so many items and comped my friend and I free jalapeño macaroni and cheese poppers. What we didn't tell him was that we wanted to order those to begin with, but couldn't bring ourselves to justify buying fried macaroni and cheese. For some reason eating free junk food doesn't feel as bad as purchased junk food.

Jalapeno Mac “N” Cheese Poppers
The food was delicious and the pork had an awesome smoky flavor. The fresh jalapeños added some real kick and I loved quite liked the D&R mayo. I would've liked the toppings to be distributed a little better, one side of the dog tasted different than the other side. The slaw wasn't anything to go on about, but I don't feel I can really rate it since there was no grilled corn. The poppers were a little too greasy for me, but I guess that's to be expected. Their signature house ketchup was SO GOOD though. I was dipping my leftover hotdog bun in the sauce because I liked it so much.

I would definitely recommend this place- the food was great, prices are reasonable and the guys that run and own the airstream are super friendly. They're in the Elizabeth Street Cafe Lot and open Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday, 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. Closed Sunday, sorry all you brunch goers. Follow em on Twitter or Like them on Facebook if you're already a fan!

Leave a comment below of your favorite menu item or what you thought of the Maine Event! Or if you have any other seafood recommendations in Austin, please let me know, because this picky seafood lover would love a new place to try!

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  1. John and I stopped for Gourdough's in the Elizabeth Street Lot and he was still hungry (as always) so he tried the Infidel Castro too. He's a picky eater and tends to not go for the adventurous, but he would not stop going on and on about that sandwich! I'm really pleased that now I have a good go-to food trailer for him.