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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eating under the evil eye: Mati Greek Trailer

I took my first trip to the Eastside Drive-in a two weeks ago looking for an eggy breakfast at The Local Yolk.
My friend and I were severely disappointed when we arrived to find the trailer closed! We had our hearts so set on egg sandwiches that we were just going to leave and head home to make our own. But we decided to look around first, after all it was my first time at a new food-trailer park!
We scanned the menus of the trailers there and decided to stay and try out Mati Greek Trailer.

I didn't snag a pic, but chef/owner Jason Rodis is a character. He's one of those people who makes me feel like I'm a step behind or missing out on the joke- in a good way. His passion about Greek cuisine shows through the enthusiastic and proud way he talks about his menu.

"I don't have a favorite...it's my menu!" he told me when I was trying to decide what to order.

I went with the chicken souvlaki pita for $6. (Should I admit here that I knew what souvlaki would taste like based on my favorite Pita Pit menu item? I love my Pita Pit!)
Souvlaki is traditionally a lamb dish, but can be prepared with other meats or just vegetables. At Mati you can order "pork, chicken, shrimp or mushrooms marinated in herbs and olive oil grilled then topped with red onions and tomatoes." The tzatziki sauce was excellent, not too oily and no mint from what I could tell.

The chicken was easy to slide off the skewer and the marinade made the meat juicy and tender. I liked the healthy portion of onions and tomatoes, but some shredded lettuce wouldn't have hurt.
My favorite part though was the pita! It reminded me of a homemade tortilla: it was soft, warm, and got extra attention from the tzatziki sauce. Mmm
Rodis' "125%" Greek heritage makes for authentic Greek dishes right in East Austin. I enjoyed my lunch and didn't walk away feeling like I had overindulged...that came later when I went for froyo.

Head over to Mati at the East Side Drive-in, 1001 East 6th street, Austin, TX 78702.
@MatiGRtrailer https://www.facebook.com/Mati.Greek.trailer

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